Once upon a time, I was free like a bird, I did not know that, but I was, I could fly wherever I wanted to, hug and kiss random friends and even total strangers with impunity and wear red lipstick at all times.

I could smile with the whole of my face and everyone could hear what I was saying.

Then, the Restrictions started. I cannot recall now what they were called then, I think it was just Lock Down.

Anyway, the Restrictions are being entirely lifted in the UK next week. The Prime Minister …

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A carrot a day...


What now, I hear you cry, reading the title of my latest musings, what is she on about?

Patience, Dear Reader, patience.

There is this horse you see, his name is Cedric and he lives in a field up the hill from my land. He is beautiful is Cedric and he used to live in that field in the summer because he was a stallion.

Then he would be proudly taking part in the Autumn hunts and then he would be put into his stable with other horses from the winter and then I would not see him till March/April…

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Overwhelmed? Is that even a thing?


I am entirely overwhelmed, right now, by the amount of times the word is used throughout my day.

Everything, everyone is overwhelmed, apart from my dog and the chickens who could not care less and are loving the rare January sunshine.

The hospitals are overwhelmed, the governments are overwhelmed, the schools are... you guessed it... overwhelmed

and this morning

as I sat at my desk to write the next blogpost, I suddenly thought, O no, I am overwhelmed.

Took a deep breath and started tapping…

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Carrying on with the rebuilding theme. I got to wonder about corner stones.

I am well aware the image is of foundations but there are corner stones in there too.

I got to wonder about all this rebuilding somewhere else stuff and, being me, started researching the how.

How does one build a house, cabin in the woods, sky scraper, whatever safe place you might want to create?

Dig the foundations for sure but first, find your corner stones.

Definition: A cornerstone is.a stone that forms the ba…

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Craving normal


What is the opposite of isolated? Populated?

What is the opposite of overwhelmed? Managing ok?

During a ceremony as the New Year, women shared their sense of isolation. Many stated that they could not bear having plans and dreams crushed again and again.

Then someone said, "I guess the trouble is that I keep making plans to take me back to 2019".

I understood her immediately and was amazed. Because I was doing it too. Do you know what I mean?

For example, I dream of going to Paris in April …

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January blues. Fancy a story?


And so it starts again, the merry go round of the year.

January is the flattest of times. Yes, we have signed up for the new courses, yes we have stuck bits of paper and photos on our vision boards and yes, we are doing yoga/running/whatever, every day so far but let us be honest, it's only Thursday 6th January and we are already fed up with it all.

Because, well because all the sparkles of Christmas have gone, the pandemic has not, and frankly, we don't know what to do with ourselves.

We are…

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So what? It's a New Year and?


The other day, the weather person on the television said "The weather on the 1st January 2022 will be very similar to the weather on December 31st".

And here I was thinking that things would be different in 2022...

Not really, just messing with you.

So why on earth is everyone writing down goals, creating vision boards, and making New Year resolutions?

Because that's what we do?

No, because that is what I want you to do

because, if you do,

you will sign up for one of my programs, …

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It's not Christmas' Fault...


It's been a tough one this year, another tough one for millions of us.

Flights canceled, new variants, rising numbers, isolation, a compilation of more and more disappointments as the big day loomed.

Father Christmas came and went but did not bring some of us the gifts of the family gathering we dreamt about.

Father Christmas, it appears is also fully vaccinated... which is kind of pushing the boat out as far as propaganda is concerned. Last year, he was given special clearance by the Irish G…

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The Twelve Days of Christmas

At a loose end after the great festival has ended? Do you fancy getting away from the leftovers and re-enact an old medieval custom? Come and play with me, the divination game of the Twelve Days of Christmas. I hope you have fun.

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Merry Christmas?


Ha... Christmas is looming

With all its joys and traditions. Such excitement awaits!

But is this really what happens?


I tell you how it goes.

A lot of people flying all over the place, flights delayed and canceled, frontiers closed at a moment's notice, terrible road traffic, disappointments, etc.

To go and spend time

with people, you have not seen for at least a year or more likely two

with whom you never got on (hence not seeing them for a year or two)

but whom you feel duty-bou…

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