It's not Christmas' Fault...


It's been a tough one this year, another tough one for millions of us.

Flights canceled, new variants, rising numbers, isolation, a compilation of more and more disappointments as the big day loomed.

Father Christmas came and went but did not bring some of us the gifts of the family gathering we dreamt about.

Father Christmas, it appears is also fully vaccinated... which is kind of pushing the boat out as far as propaganda is concerned. Last year, he was given special clearance by the Irish Government to fly over the country and drop his parcels off but this year was not so sweet. He had to show his vaccine passport, apparently.

I am saying apparently because somebody told me about some Twitter storm about some advertisement re above. 

So don't shoot me if I got it all wrong.

Anyway, I got to thinking about this Christmas malarky and how I have the reputation of Scrooge himself. People and family have been telling me for years that I need to love Christmas, make an effort, get over myself and join in.

So, this year, I was all ready!

The decks were decked

The tree was dressed

and the turkey was bought.

Then, the phone call came

Canceling Christmas

I sobbed hot tears of disappointment and anger.

And of course, I did some tapping. (remember EFT Tapping is my thing and there is no point in teaching something if you don't use it on yourself.

So I tapped " Even though, I tried so hard to love Christmas, it has failed me again, look it's all canceled, I acknowledge this is where I am right now", etc.

and I went through all the feelings and the anger and the sadness and round again and round again.

I recalled all the rotten Christmases, all the disappointments I endured as a child, everything.

And as I was tapping away, it became clear to me that "It is not that I don't like Christmas, 

it is that Christmas does not like me."

Seriously... I won't bore you with the litany of bad stuff that happened to me at Christmas time but the list is long and exhaustive...

So, yes, you've got it, I tapped on that too.

Until I got to thinking...


"It is not Christmas' fault that bad stuff happens."


And just like that, I felt able to let it all go, the stories I told myself about Christmas and I. My own personal favorite is called "The curse of Christmas".

and actually, I really had a nice day on Saturday 25th December 2021 because, unexpectedly, I decided to change the end of a story that had haunted me all my life.


It really is not Christmas' fault if bad stuff happens!


Now then, let's see what you think of that.

What story would you like to re-write?


With love







Jean Dunphy

Yeah I NEVER liked Christmas as post Santa I dealt with 1 parent who thought everything had to be perfect and the other who never retaliated and stood up to her. So I'd be quite happy if the enforced jollity was cancelled. I feel lucky I work all over Christmas as it gives me the excuse not to meet up with people and pretend everything is okay. 

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Beatrice Rouzoul

Thanks so much for reading this and for commenting. It makes me so glad that you find my thoughts of use. With love.  Baya

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