Soul Retrieval Work

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What on earth is a Soul Retrieval?

 When we are born, we arrive perfectly intact. Imagine a beautiful vase. You just need to look into a baby's eye to see what I mean.

Then... life happens to us and bumps into us. Other people's ideas of what or who we should be, hurtful remarks and even those with the best of intentions cause our vase to develop cracks. And sometimes... shards fly off.

The symptoms of these losses is a sense that you are not complete. There is something missing. You are waiting for something or someone to complete you. Or worse yet, you are watching your life unfold but do not feel a part of it.

I will help you find the missing shards - help you bring them home - and, together, we will fill in the cracks!

When we are finished our work together, your beautiful vessel - your vase - will be mended.

You will feel healed, confident and ready for your next adventure!

How can I help?


I have been helping people gather themselves for more than 25 years. I will choose the technique that will work for you and teach you how to use it for the future. Not only will you feel better about yourself, you will gain sound knowledge of EFT Tapping that you can use again and again for your own benefit to get through the difficult times life throws at you.

Baya Rouzoul

“Baya, I just HAVE to tell you.

I've officially made my bed every day for...ages! I've actually stopped counting!

And I just want to thank you. Without you I never would have found that little part of me who wasn't listened to or given choices and I never would have known how to care for them and bring them back into the fold and told them: it's not about the bed. I'm just feeling very grateful today so I wanted to reach out and offer you this energy and I hope it serves you well.”


Baya Rouzoul

“I have been working with Shamanic Healer and EFT Practitioner Baya Salmon-Hawk and she is just beyond compare. I am blown away! She uncovered things that were not even on my radar for healing with my teenage self and more. If there is a pattern in your life that you can't seem to stop repeating, some deep diving inner child work with Baya is highly recommended.

Contact Baya. She truly is MAGIC!”


Baya Rouzoul

“Baya is absolutely amazing. Her combination of intuition, tapping and shamanic healing had more of an impact in 5 life changing sessions than years of counseling. I can’t thank her enough and feel honored to have worked with her and able to experience her truly amazing gifts.”