Hello you,

Do you need

some one to one care?

I would love to help

Yes, please - book me in

May be group work does not feel right for you.

May be you what you really need is a few hours of personal exploration and care.

Now that the new year has started, do you want to spend some time looking at what you really need?

Do you want to learn to use EFT Tapping your way?

The technique helped me make friends with my body again and heal a lot of my old wounds and stories.

I would be so excited to teach you how

Come and work with me one to one

Each session lasts between one hour and one hour and a half

We meet on line every three weeks or so

You bring to our gathering what you want to heal


I teach you how to




I work fast and usually only two or three sessions are needed.

Once you have learnt how to use EFT tapping, the tool is yours to use for life.

I will email you a summary of our sessions after our meeting and keep in regular email contact to see how you are doing.