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For many thousands of years, the Shamans of the world have understood the way human beings tick. They did this through patient observation of our behaviours and by having a deep relationship to the Earth and the Energy Fields.

These ancient teachings are now being underpinned by science like Epigenetics.

I trained first with the Institute for The Arts in London and then as a Celtic Shamanic Healer with Caítlin Matthews.  

For the last couple of years, I have dedicated my work to passing on the teachings and experience of a life spent trying to mitigate the toxic effects on our civilisation on individuals and communities.

This is why I created the Hand Over Project.

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 This program is my legacy and I am deeply honoured that you have chosen to join me on this voyage of discovery into the ancient and contemporary ways of the Shaman and Energy Psychology. Our world is really in trouble and we need more than ever to find ways to help ourselves understand what is going on and create ways to manage the situation.

For thousands of years, shamanic teachings helped millions of people navigate catastrophic disasters and cataclismic climate events.  I believe that now is the time to reconnect with those ancient practises, integrate them with our contemporary theories of the mind and walk forward, creating communities and support as we go.

This summer has been particularly chaotic and difficult. I have found my shamanic practice to be of great help and support to make me feel like I can do something to help myself and to help others. 

It is time for the Tribes to rise, for us to form supportive communities, to relearn how to manage in times of confusion and hardship.

In the West, we have lost those skills that so many in this world already have.

Join me on my teaching journey and learn how to survive and manage what is coming our way.


A four weeks programme delivered on line, one hour a week in a Zoom setting in a group. All sessions will be recorded.

Week one - What is Celtic Shamanism

Week two - The Three Worlds

Week three - The shamanic view of the Soul

Week four - Meeting your Power Animal


The six months we are going to share will be profoundly transformative for all of us, I am quite sure. 

In the traditional way of things, there will be no manual and no set homework or texts. 

You will need to bring your hopes and fears, your trust and distrust, your laughter and your tears, a pen and a notebook of some kind and your desire to learn.


We will meet as a group six times during the six months, on Zoom. 

The session will last around 1h30mins.

You will then meet one to one with me on Zoom for an hour to apply and experience what you have learnt in the group teaching sessions.



We will journey to the Lower World where you will connect with your Spirit Animal for the next six months. You will learn how to interact with them. We will look at the origins and the basics of the Shamanic Theory of Healing – the three worlds and how they interact and the shamanic theory of the soul.

How to Anchor? How to do nothing and enjoy it (!) We will work with two stories “Ceridwen and the Cauldron of Transformation” and “The Adventures of Nera”

At the end of this period we will celebrate the Winter Solstice.


For this period of study, we will focus on the world we live in. The one in the News. 

We will study how to bridge what we have learnt into the Lower World and the reality of the world we live in without being either overwhelmed with the energies of negativity or deciding we just need to ignore what goes on around us. It is a very important part of our work together as a shamanic person has to live in the world.

We will learn how to call the directions. Also the meaning and power of the spirits of the five elements





Centre (Love)

We will look at how to use EFT Tapping to move energies outside of us through us and look at the theory of EMOTRANCE. How to create energy portals and what to do with them. How to clear shields and blocks using EFT and ET. We will be inspired by the great celtic festival of Imbolc and the Saint Bridgit of Kildare, patron of fire and water… You will find your main plant spirit helper(s).


We will explore our connection to The Divine. Shamanism is not a religion, it is a way of thinking and interacting with the world so every belief is welcomed. We will travel to the Upper World, the world of the Gods but also the world of ideas, philosophy and the soul.

The following topics will be covered:

Soul Retrieval 

Upper World Allies

Using EFT Tapping for Future Work

The Great Marriage

The Three Cauldron System 


Once you have completed the Foundation Programme, you will be invited to join the Expanse Programme.

In the Expanse, we meet once a month on Zoom to explore one of the topics studied in the Foundation course at a deeper level. We decide the piece of work we are going to undertake this moon and then we meet “between the worlds” at the Full Moon at a time of our choosing.

We then compare notes about our experiences and decide what to study/focus on next.

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After working for the British NHS in the field of Mental Health, I decided to dedicate my work to teach Shamanic Healing Techniques and EFT Tapping..