I'm Baya and my passion is to help women love themselves again through my signature programme and community, Body Magic, and my unique one-to-one work. I'm excited to share Shamanic EFT Tapping with you in a way that makes sense and works and helps you to heal the traumas that live deep inside of you so you can feel happier, healthier and lighter.

I see you... because I have been you, lovely.

I tried all the diets. I ate only bacon, cabbage, no carbs, carbs, liquid proteins.

I went to the gym five times a week.

I even used amphetamines.

It's not like I didn't know what to do.

But somehow, I never could do it for any length of time. "Not enough willpower" and "No staying power" the nasty voice in my head would screech.

And then, 10 years ago, I discovered an amazing therapeutic technique called EFT Tapping.

With its help, I have lost 100 pounds and never put it back on.

I now teach my way of using EFT Tapping for Weight Loss through a five week online program called  Body Magic.

I am very excited to announce that we will start again on Wednesday 12th January 2022!

If you would like more details or be put on the waiting list, please poke around below and always reach out to me if you have any questions.

I am so grateful to the woman I was who, against all the odds, decided to give EFT Tapping a go!


Join the next round of Body Magic!

Discover HOW I got to where I am and WHY EFT for weight loss has worked for me and helped me keep the weight off for 15 YEARS and how you can do it, too! (I promise! The results have been ASTOUNDING)

Next Round Starts:  January 19, 2022

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