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For many thousands of years, the Shamans of the world have understood the way human beings tick. They did this through patient observation of our behaviours and by having a deep relationship to the Earth and the Energy Fields.

These ancient teachings are now being underpinned by science like Epigenetics.

I trained first as a Psychotherapist with the Institute for The Arts in London and then as a Celtic Shamanic Healer with Caítlin Matthews. 

My  integration of EFT Tapping into the Shamanic techniques has revolutionized the way my clients perceive this ancient art. I teach them how they can heal themselves without having to relive the past over and over again.

I also teach them how to create new neural pathways in their brain so that they can live a life more aligned to their desires. 

What would you like to learn more about?

Body Magic

In Body Magic, my signature programme, we spend 5 weeks together creating a new relationship with your body. Learning about mindful eating, how to curb emotional eating and food cravings. At the end of the five weeks, you will have learnt how to love your body all over again.

This programme is online and can be taken either one to one or in a group

Next group session starts in March 2023

1:1 Deep Healing Work

When we work in a 1:1 capacity, we are able to use all of the tools in my toolbox to gain you massive, deep healing. These sessions combine healing modalities of Shamanic Teachings and EFT Tapping and can include Soul Retrievals, Extractions, Pathworking and Rituals. I cherish our time together and take great pride in getting you results in these sessions.


Celtic Shamanism and EFT Tapping Teaching

Every Samhain (October 31st), I open my teaching programme where my students learn how to use both shamanic ideas and EFT Tapping to help their clients resolve the problems of their past and create a brighter and more aligned future.


Pathways to a Life of Presence

Claim the Enchantress Within

A nine month program for women who feel there is more to life than what they are living right now. Women who believe in magic, love the old stories and fairytales and want to create a new persona for themselves.

If you are interested, do get in touch!

The Program starts on May 1st 2023


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I specialize in the treatment of trauma and soul fragmentation.

After working for the British NHS in the field of Mental Health, I decided to dedicate my work to help my clients create shifts, sometime massive shifts, in their life through unique one-to-one work or my signature programme, Body Magic.