My name is Baya Salmon-Hawk, I trained as a Psychotherapist at the Institute for Arts in London. I am a Specialist in EFT Tapping for the treatment of trauma and soul fragmentation.

After working for the British NHS in the field of Mental Health, I decided to dedicate my work to help my clients create shifts, sometime massive shifts, in their life through unique one-to-one work or my signature program, Body Magic.

I'm excited to teach you EFT Tapping  in a way that makes sense, works and helps you to heal the traumas that live deep inside of you so you can feel whole again and ready for the next adventure in your life.

"Baya Salmon-Hawk bridges the worlds between the Shamanic and the Psychoanalytical "

Dr. Phil Mollon (Psychoanalyst, Clinical Psychologist, Specialist in Energy Psychology)



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