Overwhelmed? Stressed out? Navigating your way through a major life transition?

I am here for you... every step of the way!


I have been in this game for a very long time and have helped tens of people

I do not need to know the details of what your problem is. We can work without repeating again and again what happened.

I am only interested in you, not your parents or your family of origin.

EFT Tapping has been proven to be an extremely gentle form of healing and it does not cause abreactions.

My work is very swift. I only need to see you every three weeks or so if we work one to one and the usual number of sessions is five.



What would you like to learn more about?

Full Moon Group Sessions

Each month, I offer a group pathworking and ritual call centered around the Full Moon. Join the mailing list to join the next Full Moon call.

1:1 Deep Healing Work

When we work in a 1:1 capacity, we are able to use all of the tools in my toolbox to gain you massive, deep healing. These sessions combine healing modalities of Shamanic Teachings and EFT Tapping and can include Soul Retrievals, Extractions, Pathworking and Rituals. I cherish our time together and take great pride in getting you results in these sessions.

Body Magic 1:1

In Body Magic, my signature programme, we spend 5 weeks together working through your body blocks using a combination of Shamanic Healing and EFT Tapping

Hello and thanks for popping in!

I am Baya and I help my clients heal the traumas that live deep inside of them using my training as a Shamanic Healer, EFT Specialist and Psychotherapist.

I trained at the Institute for Arts in London, as a Shamanic Healer with Caitlin Matthews and in EFT Tapping with the AMT, the AAMET and ACEP.

I specialize in the treatment of trauma and soul fragmentation.

After working for the British NHS in the field of Mental Health, I decided to dedicate my work to help my clients create shifts, sometime massive shifts, in their life through unique one-to-one work or my signature programme, Body Magic.


Interested? Intrigued?

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