The Twelve Days of Christmas


Hello everyone,

Congratulations! You have done it.

Over for another turning of the seasons, well, nearly...

It has been a particularly nasty one this year with the lovely new version of the plague popping up and creating mayhem with our plans!

Really really nasty.

I hope your family was not affected but for us, it was really tough as we ended up on our own, due to various complications.

Anyway, there we are, done IT!

I have a suggestion for a bit of fun now, something a bit different.

The wonderful Caitlin Matthews started this, I think. Well, started reviving it anyways. 

The period between Christmas and New Year was a holiday, the only real holiday of the year in the Middle Ages and apart from having to go to church every day, people were free for 12 whole days, between the 26th December and the 6th January.

And this is the game they played.

So every day, from today, you will go out for a walk, rain or shine and you will as you set off ask for a sign for one month of the year.

26th December - January

27th December- February


Whilst you are walking, just pay attention and see if anything catches your eye. Ponder what it might mean and when you get home, write it down in a special notebook. 

If you are into tarot or oracle cards, also pick a card from your deck, and then

write down a sentence for what you think you need to focus on for the month.

Let say, for example:

"26th December - January - I saw a Hawk this morning and picked the angel card of Gratitude. I think I am going to focus on flying high in January and focus on the positive. Maybe I need to start a Gratitude journal."

Then after the 12 days of Christmas have passed, you know what you could focus on for the rest of the year. 

I do this every year. It gets me to look at things in a different way and also takes me outdoors more and away from the leftovers!

Do you fancy having a go? 

Let me know.

All the best love


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I love this idea.  I just finished a walk in one of my favorite places and found inspiration from a plaque dedicated to an elderly gentleman.  I plan on including it in my journal.  

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