Once upon a time, I was free like a bird, I did not know that, but I was, I could fly wherever I wanted to, hug and kiss random friends and even total strangers with impunity and wear red lipstick at all times.

I could smile with the whole of my face and everyone could hear what I was saying.

Then, the Restrictions started. I cannot recall now what they were called then, I think it was just Lock Down.

Anyway, the Restrictions are being entirely lifted in the UK next week. The Prime Minister has announced it.

In Ireland, where we will be wearing masks and keeping two meters apart for many years to come due to some "abundance of caution" (as the government calls it), if someone announced the Restrictions were over, I think people would be dancing in the streets. I would!

Or would I?

Friends in the UK are leaving desperate comments on social media. Its stupid/foolish/irresponsible to lift the restrictions. Its too early, for sure, scream the crowds.

Hold on a minute!

I am stunned. What has actually been said is "we are not forcing you to wear masks etc, we are leaving you to make your mind up as to whether you feel its safe to or not".

It reminds me of the story of the bird in the cage and if you open the door of the cage, the bird does not fly out because they cannot actually conceptualize that the door is open.

I got to thinking, as I was pondering this story, that may be, if by some miracle of bravery or foolishness the Irish Government was to announce that I could make my mind up about what was safe or not, I would panic too.

I would not see the door of the cage was open.

I would not know how to put on my red lipstick again.

I would be terrified to actually smile at people with the whole of my face.

and I would hate hugging, holding, being close to people again.

May be I have forgotten how to be that woman I once was who was free as a bird.

Work in progress.

What do you think.

With love





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