Carrying on with the rebuilding theme. I got to wonder about corner stones.

I am well aware the image is of foundations but there are corner stones in there too.

I got to wonder about all this rebuilding somewhere else stuff and, being me, started researching the how.

How does one build a house, cabin in the woods, sky scraper, whatever safe place you might want to create?

Dig the foundations for sure but first, find your corner stones.

Definition: A cornerstone is.a stone that forms the base of a corner of a building, joining two walls.

So, for a building with four walls, you will need four corner stones.

There, I drew a blank. What are my cornerstones, I wondered. As I tapped away, the first one seemed obvious, EFT Tapping is definitely one of my corner stones.

What next? Tapping "Even though I have no idea what my cornerstones are for my new life are, I am curious to find out and open to answers". That is a slightly different way of using EFT Tapping and, in my experience, the answers come quickly.

One of them was The Land. You know me and words by now, it did not feel quite right. The Land. Nope. So, I got to musing as I tapped on my hands (hand tapping is less visible than face tapping), what is actually my favourite place to go when I need peace and sooting? The answer came swiftly.

The beach, the sea!

Not earthed then, no, my second cornerstone is the sea. Not the Ocean either. The Sea. More precisely. The Mediterranean Sea.

What is the third one? This is still a word in progress, so I am not quite sure yet, but it has to do with writing. I love, love writing and in this new building of mine there will be a lot of time given to writing. I wrote a novel once and the sequel is jumping up and down wanting to be told.

As to the fourth corner stone, I believe it is my endless curiosity. How I wonder and ferret information, always looking to make sense of the world around me and also what is going on in my head.

So, I am going to invite you to ponder.

What are the corner stones of your life? 

I would love to know.

With love


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