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Back to the matter at hand.

Have you noticed how we seem to not be able to imagine a future, an alternative to the life we lead these days?

How our deepest desire is to return to "normal", which means basically return…

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The Crone


When I turned 50, dear Readers, my friends in the Goddess world told me that I was at the time of The Crone.

I remember my horror!

Me, a Crone? I was not ready for this, no siree, not me, absolutely not!


In the Celtic tradition, there are three ages to women.

The Maiden (or young girl)

The Mother (pretty obvious category but leaves out all the women who for some reason do not have children)

The Crone (post menaupose)

That's it. These categories, I rather suspect, were invented by men…

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So many seeds - Imbolc 2


So, I did indeed get all my packets of seeds out. They were hidden in all sorts of unlikely places. I put them all on the kitchen table, the whole pile of them. You can see how many there were in the photo. 

Some of the packets were a bit damp, others, well, the truth is, most of those packets were out of date.

Not by a year or so, no, by 5 years at least. One of them was dated 2016!


I was astonished and decided to use EFT, my old friend, to try to unravel what was going on.

It is the way…

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Why a well? Because, tomorrow is the Festival of Imbolc and the Goddess Brigid who is the patron saint of wells and the forge. Water and fire? Took me years to work it out.

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Tomorrow in Ireland is the official beginning of Spring. Not that there are any actual signs of Spring around, you understand.

But it is undeniable that Spring is on its way.

How do i know that? Well, the evenings are getting lighter, the hens have starting laying again, the sheep in the fields are about to pop an…

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