Trying hard


Hello you,

How are you feeling on this bright Monday morning? A miracle in the dreary Irish winter currently offering its usual mix of drizzle, storms, avalanches of water, and mists.

I do not know about you but I am feeling absolutely exhausted. I have found that quite a few of my EFT Tapping and Shamanic Clients also feel that way. 

What is going on?

With the help of the tapping, I have helped some of them to accept that they are actually doing quite well. The work we have done together has really made a difference and it is now time to.... time to what?

More tapping elicits the information that, maybe just maybe, it is time to stop. Stop improving, stop trying to find more stuff that went wrong once upon a time. Stop working so hard to heal. 

Why are we so surprised when we discover that actually, on the whole, give or take, we have done all the healing we needed to do for now?

I find it really easy to help others work it out but this morning, I decided to look at my own routine, do some tapping and see what comes up.

Well then... every day, for my own personal development/healing

  1. I HAVE TO (have to is such a dangerous thought, it's a great friend of I SHOULD) walk the dog for at least 2 km, including 20 minutes of brisk walking [because I read somewhere that it helps prevent heart disease]
  2. Drink a cup of green tea with apple vinegar when I wake up [because it is good for my biome whatever that is] - I HATE green tea with a passion.
  3. Do at least 20 minutes of yoga [to keep my aging joints from seizing up]
  4. Write at least 1500 words of my current novel [because I just do]

That is on top of looking after a four-bedroomed house, an acre of land, a dog, three hens, and a wife.

Oh and of course, I have a shamanic EFT practice to run.

Do you see? When I look at that list of what I HAVE to do to keep myself healthy, the only thing that I really enjoy doing every day is writing. I find it really relaxing and it transports me to one of my favorite periods in history, the time of the Scottish Clearance and emigration to Nova Scotia.

The rest is really optional. The dog has his own huge yard to play in, green tea can go and annoy someone else and yes, I live yoga but daily...not so much.

Just making that list and realizing that I could easily cut out four items made me feel much less tired. 

And much more myself. 

So, I am inviting you today to make a list too. What is it in your life that you do because it is going to improve your health, your mood,  whatever? Whether it is therapy (and I realize I might be taking myself out of a job but I do not believe that therapy is compulsory), yoga, the gym, running, meditating, whatever it is, if it no longer brings you joy, if you do it because you feel obligated. If you do it and you have forgotten why you are doing it.

Cut it out. For at least a week! All of it.

As I am writing this, I am horrified. This will need some further tapping. What will happen to me if I stop doing all these things? Will I drop dead of a heart attack\lbe unable to walk\lose my power?

Or feel less tired, more clear-headed, and more in touch with me. My healed self.

What if everything was ok?

Let me know what you think.

Much love







I completely relate to this post, Baya!  I dislike green tea as well and try and choke it down because I “should”!  I also recently left a group when the leader presented their philosophy as the “only way”!  Yikes.  Bye bye…  There are many parts of aging that are serving me well, including letting go of trying so hard to be and do better!  I’m pretty fantastic just as I am.  

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Beatrice Rouzoul

So you are! Seriously, if we have made it that far, we just need to enjoy life and be full of gratitude! Thanks for reading.xx

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