Hello You,

How are you faring as the year winds down and the trees turn red and yellow in their Fall dance? Have you noticed that trees never seem to be worried that their leaves are changing color or even falling on the ground? They, unlike us humans, seem to be pretty accepting of what is.

Be more like a tree!


I learn so much from trees when I walk around the land. I have a very small grove of Scott Pines in a corner of my place and they fill me with joy. They grow like anything, never drop their leaves, smell heavenly, and have that amazing red energy to them that keeps my heart happy. I planted them the year we arrived here and they will grow tall and strong. I probably never see that but it matters not. I do not plant trees for myself, I plant them for the ones that will come after me. 

For now, I love sitting among them and imagining I am in my soul's place, the Highlands of Scotland.

Anyway, what I wanted to talk about today was seeds. The photo at the top of the blog is of my green and purple beans. And you know what? The white seeds are for the purple beans and the purple seeds... yep, for the green beans. Nature has a way about her that I will never fully fathom.

So, at this time of the cycle of the year, two weeks before the great Celtic Festival of Samhain, the end of the year, and the beginning of the next one for us pagans, how are you doing with your seeds saving? Metaphorical or otherwise?

The seeds you save right now are rich in the promises of the Spring, you know. As the weeks pass, they will dry out and become hard shells of future miracles. When you plant them in April or May, they will miraculously sprout and create more beans, and more seeds and the cycle will start again.

And the secret is to keep them dry, label them so you know what they are and be patient enough to wait for the right planting time.

And the same goes for your metaphorical seeds. Now is not the time for hasty planting, now is the time for careful drying out, labeling, and tilling the soil so that, when the time has come, you can plant them out and watch them grow.

Winter is not for planting, it is for sitting by the fire, telling stories, and dreaming the year to come.

What are you going to dream into being this Samhain tide?

I would love to know.

With love




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