Full Moon - Endurance


Hello again,

Here I am, still with my pullover and winter socks on as the weather is not improving over here in Ireland. And it is now June 14th and the Summer Solstice is on its way with yet again more fires to jump and more dancing outside. I don't see this happening any time soon here.

So, I got to thinking about ceremonies and rituals, traditional ones, ones that it is said our ancestors performed.

Well, between Beltane (First May) and the Summer Solstice (21st June) there were outside ceremonies, much dancing and love making and fires setting.

With the global crisis and the climate catastrophe on their way, I am wondering if now is not the time to let go of the old ideas, the old (probably romanticised) Celtic ways.

I suggest we let go of the need for things to be different, to be something else, for things that we have no control over to be what they used to be.

I am not talking about Acceptance so much although it might help some, I find Acceptance always faintly passive aggressive! Well, in my mind, anyway.

No, I am talking about Endurance which for me is about ploughing on, keeping focused on the end goal, on the journey, even if we do not know what the journey entails and what the end goal will be.

In the past few years, and possibly for years to come, whether because our weather has gone quite mad or the world around us no longer makes sense, I thought I would suggest for this full moon, we focus on Endurance.

Shackleton, the arctic explorer, called his first ship Endurance and she did her job the best she could in really terrible circumstances.

The energies of the seasons have gone underground. I am still waiting for the Beltane Energy to arrive so there is no point in waiting and waiting. I feel the need to be proactive and no longer be passive, waiting for things to improve, things I cannot change and remind myself that I can of course change my perspective.

So here I am, musing about endurance and what can teach us about endurance.

 I look out of my office window and there they are, the trees that I have planted on my land.

Trees know all about endurance! Trees are brilliant at endurance because they know how to bend with the wind, they know when it is necessary to sacrifice a branch, they know that they need to follow the flow of the sap rising, they are not tied down by dates and traditions.

I planted them four or five years ago, they have lived through many strange weather patterns, the Beast from The East, a strange Hurricane, The Plague, icy winds and torrential rain and yet, there they are. All of the saplings I planted, and there must be one hundred at least, have done better than survived, they have grown taller, wider, stronger.

So yes, I am inviting you to look at trees and learn Endurance from them.

May be journal on the following questions:

What needs to give? What branch needs to go in your life?

What will make this period easier to bear?

How can you adapt so you can grow stronger and taller?

I would love to know

With love





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