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Hello you,

How is it all going? Has the Autumn started in your neck of the woods yet?

As I wistfully look at the weather in Florence - still 30 degrees C and sunny - and look out of my window (gale force winds and rain), I am taking stock of this Summer's Harvest.

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I have been working on this for the past week or so. What, with the way things are going in Europe and the theme of Harvest, I think it is time for me to compose a list of my essentials for this winter.

Why? It seems prudent this year as the shelves in our supermarkets are barer than ever and events that we cannot possibly control are taking front stage. How do I get my control back? How do I create some sense of safety in my life? A list of essentials helps. Here is how.

The question I asked myself was "What do I absolutely need in my life to enjoy my autumn/winter months?" 

Apart from warmth and food that is and I am incredibly lucky that I can afford both of these essentials this year at least.

What will lift my heart?

Here is the list in no particular order

Olive Oil (I was horrified the other day not to be able to find any in the supermarket. Olive Oil can make any food taste nice in my books).

Coffee (and I mean good coffee because that makes my heart sing and I love the smell)



Paper and pens


That list is small and really doable because, as I am pondering it, I look around my home and see any number of books that are still waiting to be read or studied. There are balls of wool in many secret corners so I can knit and crochet to my heart's content and play around with knitting books too (hello Shetland patterns). Paper and pens galore lie on my shelves and drawers. I am an inveterate collector of the stuff. So yes, most of my essentials are already here! My harvest is safely stored.


So, I am going to suggest you do the same.


What is it that you really cannot imagine living without?


You see how it goes, don't you, that list of essentials?

You are going to list the essentials and then think of a creative way to make them appear in your life.


Feel free to comment and share your essentials.

Much love



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