What are you releasing?


Hello you!

How have you been? I am just back from Italy and I am full of sunshine and the sea. Back to the grey weather of Ireland with a heart full of joy and hope.

So I thought we would spend a bit of time talking about The Dark of the Moon.

We are often aware of the New Moon and the Full Moon but rarely pause a minute between the two as we launch ourselves into the next planting of seeds or the next harvesting of the seeds we planted last time.

The Dark of the Moon, when the moon is hidden in the sky, is a really important chance to stop and ponder.

 I was doing a wonderful yoga breath work practice this morning and the following questions came to mind.

What do I need to let go of? Stuff, relationships, old beliefs

This one seemed an easy answer at first "My reluctance around having money" but did not sound quite right, you know me and words. I have to find the right ones. How I got from "My reluctance around having money" to "Low level complaining", i do not know but I really really want to let go of not expressing my needs clearly and loudly. Also, I have finally sorted out my office and thrown away all the notes, pieces of paper and assorted accumulated bibs and bobs, it feels marvellous!

What no longer serves me?

To me, this is slightly different. It is more about things that have been useful in the past but is no longer relevant. "My need to belong" came to mind. I have lately felt very much like I totally belong with my tribe so the old adage no longer serves me. Also, that belief that I cannot have a successful business partnership. That one is in the bin.

What new boundaries do you need to put  in place right now?

That is the last part of letting go. It is great to let go, burn stuff, etc. but the next step is to draw a boundary so that the situation never arises again. So for example, my whole thing about not expressing my needs clearly has now gone and my new boundary is that I shall also ask of my partners to communicate their needs clearly and include me in the information (thus neatly closing the circle around the Tribe and belonging!).

See what I mean?

The  New Moon, of which more later. is tomorrow. Time to let go. 

A big Celtic Festival is coming up, August 5th is Lamas. Watch this space!

I would love to know what your thoughts are.

With love



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