Wishing for the Moon

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Hello you,

How are you doing? I mean, what with the droughts, the monsoon, the electricity, the fuel, the.... just fill in the blank space. Do you ever want to put your hands on your ears and beg the endless stream of things to be worried about to stop?

I certainly do and was toying with the idea of doing a series of EFT tapping Masterclasses for anxiety relief.

You know, show you how you can tap and help yourself think again and manage the legitimate anxiety better.

Then, I thought again.

Would it help?

I don't know anymore. You can tap under your eye until you have an indentation there (please do not try this at home) willing your anxiety to decrease but... will it work? I mean, it might for a bit but the reality is that


there is much to feel anxious about!

So what, I hear you cry, what are you suggesting?

I want you to go outside tonight, if it is a cloudless sky, I want you to look up into the sky and see The Moon.

Take a good look at Her.

See how solid she feels, hanging in our sky. Remember she has been going round and round for millions of years and she will carry on for another few millions.

She is one of the few things that we can rely upon.

The Moon is here, from New Moon to Full Moon and back again, month after month, thirteen lunar cycles in total.

So, here is my idea.

Why don't we step outside of the disasters and dramas and why don't we start looking to the moon for some sense of stability?

People have been doing this for ever. From the Cromagnons, to the Romans, the Greeks, all over the centuries, our ancestors looked to the moon when in doubt.

So this is the plan.

Every Full Moon, an email from me will drop in your inbox.

It will contain the name of the Moon, its Celtic Meaning, its relevance to where we are at in the world, a series of journaling prompts and a short ceremony.

It will give you something to focus on. A chance to look outside and see what is going on. Noticing the seasons, learning to navigate the changes we are all experiencing.

Are you in?

We start on Wednesday 7th September - I will always email you a few days ahead so you can get yourself ready.

So, here is the link


Go and get yourself a new diary, maybe even use one you have got on your shelf.

I look forward to our new community.

With love



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