Craving normal


What is the opposite of isolated? Populated?

What is the opposite of overwhelmed? Managing ok?

During a ceremony as the New Year, women shared their sense of isolation. Many stated that they could not bear having plans and dreams crushed again and again.

Then someone said, "I guess the trouble is that I keep making plans to take me back to 2019".

I understood her immediately and was amazed. Because I was doing it too. Do you know what I mean?

For example, I dream of going to Paris in April for my birthday but I have really no idea of what Paris 2022 looks and feels like. My Paris is firmly set in 2019, So of course, I shall be disappointed even if I get there,  because Paris 2022 has fully masked people in the streets, a very strict curfew and also if you are not vaccinated you can hardly leave your house... or so I hear.

So shall I remain isolated, vainly reaching back to a world that is gone.

Someone else said they just wanted to forget all about 2020/2021/2022 and rewind everything back to where we were in 2019.

It got me thinking about the years of the Great Plague, when a third of humanity died.

Those who survived did not rebuild their lives in the ruins of the old villages. Very often, they built entire new villages a short distance away.

Not building on the ruins of a life that I once new but rather building a new life a short distance away.

That is what this guy did, whose tree house had burnt down in the Georgia Swamp he owns. He saved a couple of burnt out planks and set them in the new entrance, to remember he said and built entirely new walls, roof etc.

He said he had built it stronger and smaller, easier to manage this time and the old burnt out tree house stayed where it was. Abandoned.

So, I say, lets not waste time, dreaming and planning a return to the old ruins, the burnt out remnants of what was.

Lets instead rebuild new structures, may be smaller ones, easier ones, based on what we want and need right now.

If you would like to talk about this further, do get in touch. I now offer exploratory sessions for life re-building/transitions and creation of new dreams and plans.

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Debbie Trupp

This is such beautiful wisdom Baya!!! That’s exactly what I needed to hear. Start new, build stronger and smaller with without all the extras I don’t want or need. Thank you so much!!!!

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