Merry Christmas?


Ha... Christmas is looming

With all its joys and traditions. Such excitement awaits!

But is this really what happens?


I tell you how it goes.

A lot of people flying all over the place, flights delayed and canceled, frontiers closed at a moment's notice, terrible road traffic, disappointments, etc.

To go and spend time

with people, you have not seen for at least a year or more likely two

with whom you never got on (hence not seeing them for a year or two)

but whom you feel duty-bound to go and visit particularly this year, because, as far you know (which is not that much really), you can.

Those people are likely dreading the day too.

Talking of too...

too much stress

too much food

too much drink

too much!

So, yes, I am not surprised you say you feel stressed.

But what does that actually mean?

You say I am stressed/depressed/anxious

Vague words for our vague world.

What does stressed even really mean? Heart rate speeds up, shortness of breath, vision clouds a bit, mind freezes

Actually, this could be Fear.

So let's see. Which one is it, stress or fear?

Would you like to do a little experiment with EFT tapping? Go on, it might even help

Just tap on the side of your hand, it does not matter which hand, with the fingers of the other hand (if you want my Mona Lisa illustration of the points, drop me an email at and I'll send it to you.

So, tap on the side of your hand, saying to yourself, I feel stressed. Does it help in any way? 

In my experience, it just makes me feel more stressed and powerless.


Tap on the side of your hand again,  saying to yourself, I feel frightened.

I bet you, your next thought is going to be

Frightened of what?

There you have it.

Find the fear and then realize you can do something about it.

Frightened of flying?

Frightened of losing your temper with Uncle Charlie (disclaimer I am sure your Uncle Charlie is delightful, don't take it personally, it's just a random name.)

Then you can start thinking rationally again about what you can do about it.

Frightened of flying? Maybe driving would be better for you. Or maybe you can learn to use EFT to deal with that.

Frightened of losing your temper? Well, maybe you need to get some anger management classes or... well, see above.


Are you simply excited?

We often get confused between fear and excitement, they are very close, 

So you might decide to imagine

What if I was actually going to choose to be excited instead of fearful? I wonder what that would be like?

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading

With love



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