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Brain not working quite right?


I have heard it called Pandemic Fatigue, Covid Fog, Covid Brain... but it matters not what we call it.

What I know and experience myself is that my brain is not performing as well as it did way back when.

When what? I hear you cry.

When the world, our world ended.

And I find I am not entirely sure when that was. Do you have that problem too? Not remembering when things happened before. You know, before the Great Shutdown.

My friends and clients can be equally vague. We don't remember when o…

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Buttered Toasts or else...


Another day, another set of restrictions, another panic.

Wherever you are in the world, it is panic time again and another opportunity to reach for our old friend food to help us cope with the onslaught.

My heart missed a beat when I heard the latest.

I know that we are told to avoid the News but I am not entirely convinced that it is realistic. 

So I do listen and indeed the timing could not possibly be worse.

FOR GOODNESS SAKE! We are a mere 15 days from Christmas Eve! 

Reaching for butt…

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New Moon Thoughts


It's the New Moon! With an eclipse too! Hurrah!

I am not even sure what that means but I am told it is vitally important, that I need to surrender, let it go, release all the things and stories that need releasing.

Get rid of the Old to make room for the New!

So there I am, getting rid of the old stories that I tell myself about any number of things: old patterns, old sagas, old adventures, old old old...

As I was busily doing all the cutting of ties, the burning of the papers, this morning,…

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Flight or Fight or Focus and do?


As you might have read before, because, let's face it, I am pretty open about my own personal struggles, I suffered from a terrible bout of anxiety before I was due to go to London, last week.

Of course, I "tapped on it".

Tapping kind of helped a bit but was not as effective as it usually is.

Now, in my long experience of the technique, if it does not work very well, it is because I am tapping on the wrong thing or using the wrong words.

This is why prospective clients often tell me they "tr…

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Traveling for the holidays?

Prepping for Thanksgiving? Stressed about all the details or the TRAVEL? Tapping can help ease our anxieties during stressful times. It's a free nervous system reset and we can use it any time we need to, to calm ourselves down!

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