Buttered Toasts or else...


Another day, another set of restrictions, another panic.

Wherever you are in the world, it is panic time again and another opportunity to reach for our old friend food to help us cope with the onslaught.

My heart missed a beat when I heard the latest.

I know that we are told to avoid the News but I am not entirely convinced that it is realistic. 

So I do listen and indeed the timing could not possibly be worse.

FOR GOODNESS SAKE! We are a mere 15 days from Christmas Eve! 

Reaching for buttered toast, my go-to when I need soothing, I stop myself in time.

Using EFT Tapping, I start to explore how I am feeling right now. 

There are four main emotions we each experience so I ran through them quickly:

Happiness - Well, I for sure do not feel happy

Sadness - Nope

Fear - Surprised, I note that no, contrary to what I thought, I am not feeling frightened in the slightest

Anger - YES! I am furious! Furious at the new measures, the lack of clarity, the usual faffing about, furious that Christmas might have to be cancelled yet again.

So I tap until I am furious no more! And then I look towards the bread and the toaster and they have lost all their power over me. I will not add to my woes by adding pounds to my weight.

Not today anyway.

Next time you reach for food to soothe your frazzled feelings, try tapping first, it might help, you never know!

Thanks for reading,


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