Full Moon - Is there an antidote to anxiety?


It's the Full Moon on Saturday. 

What do I care, I hear you mutter under your breath as you try to remember whether you have bought a present for your neighbour's dog or whatever it is that is making you stressed at the moment.

My brain is tired and frazzled too.

Christmas is in a week and my mind is wondering if my little London family will make it through Wales and actually turn up? What ifs are buzzing around like irritating wasps.

And it is the Full Moon and I like living my life following her journey through the sky.

The Full Moon is all about accomplishments and also letting stuff go.

And I am reminded of my New Moon blog about not getting rid of old stories or at least making them shine again.

So I thought I would choose that old story, the one buzzing in my head (see above).

And by now, you know what I will decide to do, don't you?

I shall start using EFT Tapping to find out more.

"Even though, my brain is frazzled and I fear I am addicted to the mindless drama, I acknowledge this is where I am right now and I HATE it".

Focusing on the hate, I tap across all the points (by the way, if you do not already have a handy copy of my Mona Lisa EFT Tapping diagram, drop me an email and I'll send you one).

I focus on "I HATE it" and slowly the feeling leaves my body and I can feel myself relax.

Once my mind is calmer, a thought occurs. "It is all about Lliving in Context."

What does that even mean? Tapping away, I allow my mind to wonder and wander.

Living in Context.

"Even though I have no idea what this "Living in Context" means, I accept this is what I am thinking right now and would love to know more."

After a little while, I slowly understand.

If I take as an example my London Family coming to visit, my anxiety is no more or less than it would have been three Christmas ago. No, seriously! I remember the last time there was some drone attack (?!!) on Gatwick Airport and all flights were delayed for hours, I had to drive to Dublin at some ungodly hour, wait for ever for the plane to land. 

Unpredictable as life has always been and will always be,

So what is different now, that makes me worry so much more?

"Even though, I now realise that the situation now is no more or less uncertain than it would have been three Christmases ago, I am ready to explore why I am so worried this year."

As I tap on the points, it slowly dawns on me that I have lost my ability to live in context. I mean, I am being told all the time that my brain is in a constant flight or fight situation, that we are all suffering from PTSD and 


I am not in a state of flight or fight because I am not actually in any imminent danger of death! I am not suffering from PTSD because I sleep like a log, do not have nightmares, panic attacks or sudden paranoid ideations, I do not dive under the sofa if I hear a bang. I know this is simplifying the issue but I am familiar with the symptoms of PTSD, I have treated enough people with it and no, I am not depersonalized either.

I seem to have lost the ability, however, to live in the context of what is happening around me.

The other day, a client was telling me how she was getting really anxious because she could not plan anything. She did not know what to do for the best.

I asked her what had changed.

And of course, she said about the Pandemic. the PTSD, etc.

I asked, "How did you use to make plans before March 2020"?

She said, "I used to follow my gut instincts."

I replied, "So, what is stopping you from doing that right now".

There was a silence, a really long silence.

And she said "O my Goodness... of course, I can still do it. I just had forgotten I could."

So, in the context of what is happening outside of us, I strongly suggest that you start listening to your inner guidance, to those guts of yours, and remember how you used to live.

"Even though I know I do not have PTSD, I am not depersonalized, I am not constantly in a flight or fight state, I accept myself. Even though I might have listened too much to the huge amount of information being constantly delivered over my head, I choose to return to the way I lived. I choose to follow my inner guidance system in the context of what is happening around me and follow my guts."

So what does my Post Pandemic/Living in Context look like when I have tapped on it?

To start off, I will accept that this situation is not going away any time soon. The new year will look very much like the last two years.

And I can choose to do things differently. 

I WILL travel more for starters AND I will take whatever tests/precautions I need to take to keep myself safe. Hello America and Canada, I am on my way.

I WILL deliver my courses with all my heart and passion.

I WILL carry on musing in this blog.

More to follow.

What would it mean for you to be "Living in Context?".



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