I don't even like turkey!

'he who bakes bread with indifference bakes a bitter bread that feeds but half man's hunger', Kahlil Gibran. a subheading

I don't even like turkey. I truly don't.

And yet, every year, I cook the blasted bird. I won't tell you why I don't like turkey, because that is irrelevant. What matters to me is that year after year, I end up cooking it.

And don't even mention Brussel sprouts!

Why do I cook stuff I do not like?

Tap tap tap.

The answer is obvious.

Because I don't want to upset anyone.

So, let's be clear. I cook food I hate because I do not want to upset my family. Because it is Chistmas.

So I cook the Turkey and I, of course, eat the turkey.

How many times have you eaten things you really did not like so you don't upset anyone? How many? I am guessing, hundreds.

I do wish I was vegetarian or vegan, I would have an excuse then.

But then, why do I need an excuse? A campaign, a passion, something big and dramatic?

Why can't I say "I will not cook the turkey this year. If you want some, please feel free to bring it along" for example?

A friend posted Kahlil Gibran's quote on my Facebook page and it got me thinking.

What happens to the turkey if I cook it in anger. If I feel bitter whilst I am basting it? Does it then not feed my family right? Does it somehow make everything a bit angry and bitter?

Maybe it is worth then stopping cooking things I do not like. Not for my sake, you understand, no no no

But for my dear family's sake. I don't want them to get upset or taste bitter food

so, this year, I won't

do I!

I shall cook food that I love cooking and bring sparks of magic upon it. I will cook with a song on my lips, oodles of fish stews and delicious potato bakes served with a crisp Rose de Provence.

And a miracle will happen!

My family will love it! 

Because, after all, it is Christmas and miracles abound.

What do you think? 

With love



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