Hello You!

How are you doing? I am asking because around me a lot of people are not doing so well. Including myself for a while.

So I have questions. I always do.

Have you been

  • Sleeping really weirdly, either waking up several times in the night or not being able to go back to sleep or both
  • Been having nightmares of feeling trapped and not being able to find a way out
  • Suffering from more brain fog than usual
  • Ruminating about past events
  • Felt unable to look forward to stuff
  • or to laugh
  • or to have any kind of fun

If you are ticking at least two of these, then we need to talk.

Talk about the thing that nobody talks about. In China, they are locking people up even more than before.

Guess what I am talking about.

Yes, three years on, are we over it?

The Pandemic, I mean.

Is it over? We don't know. We know nothing. We kind of pretend everything is ok but... if the above stuff is affecting you, then we do need to talk.

So I have decided to run a Zoom/Facebook Webinar on this topic on Monday 5th December at 3.30 pm Dublin time/10.30 am Eastern Time. This will last an hour. I will talk about why you might be feeling that way and what you can do to get out of this.

So, if you would like to join, please message me here or send me an email at

The Facebook Event link is here if you are a FB Person :

This will be a free event and will be recorded.

Much love



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