What's in a name (the return)


Hello you,

What did you think of the last blog post? Did you make sense of what I was talking about?

I want to tell you the next chapter of this story.

The story of my name.

Because, I think it matters. Because I feel that there is a need right now to go back to the fundamentals of things. To the root of what matters. With the winds of anxiety and threats that are blowing all around us. We are going to need anchoring and words matter.

Names matter. What do you call yourself matters. Because, if we want to negotiate the rapids, if we want to sail our boat through the storm, we need to have a good solid ballast. Not some flimsy made up one.

So, back to the story.

of my name.

I shared the whole conversation thing with a group of wonderful friends and colleagues and it turns out that they really did not like Salmon-Hawk very much. Some said the name never suited me, not really. I kind of wonder why nobody told me that but what is done is done.

The problem was that really, I have no idea who this Baya Rouzoul is. You see, I left her behind when she was 19, a very very long time ago.

Then another friend sent me a message. The message said "I have bought you the domain name www.bayarouzoul.com".

First, I was horrified and then suddenly, that Baya Rouzoul appeared in front of my very own eyes. That nineteen years old of so long ago. The one before really weird stuff happened.

That Baya is moving to Paris the year after next because she is going to study Mesopotamian Archeology and ancient languages at the Ecole Des Langues Orientales. That Baya is going to the States this fall on an exchange programme. That Baya has her issues, for sure, but she knows what her destiny is and she is definitely called Rouzoul!

I am welcoming her home. Well, actually, I am welcoming myself back home. I need her passion, her enthusiasm and her belief in herself. I want to be her!

As you may know, I specialise in trauma work and retrieving traumatised soul parts for my clients.

But this whole name thing has led me to an interesting discovery.

Which I shall share with you next time.

Meanwhile, can you remember when you knew exactly, even if it was for a brief moment, what and who you were going to be?

I would love to know.

So much love,

Baya Rouzoul


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