What to do when Despair strikes


Dear Reader,

You know I hold the torch for hope but, seriously?

This morning, as I was walking the dog/meditating/mulling over my feelings, the only thing I could find was despair.

I was horrified.

You see, I don't generally do despair.

I do hope and pulling myself together, looking on the bright side and all the sweetness in the world.

But this morning,

Just for that walk,

I could only find despair.

So I used EFT Tapping*, because this is what I do. Tapped on the fingers points and said "Even though I can only feel despair this morning, I accept this is where I am at right now".

At that point, the energy of despair overwhelmed me. I had been blocking it with all the failed hopes and looking on the bright side.

It hurt, it really did but I carried on listing what came into my mind:

"Even though, this morning, I cannot see any bright side at all"

"Even though, we have lost the battle, hope is dead"

"Even though, I don't believe in EFT Tapping anymore or anything else for that matter"

On and on I went tapping into the hurt, the anguish, the despair


"Even though who am I, safe as I am, to feel all that despair, I am so lucky, I accept this is where I am at right now".

I also tapped into that. Not to take any of the feelings away, you understand, not at all.

To allow them to be acknowledged and to face the reality of where I am at right now.

At the end of the walk, nothing had changed outside in our sad world. Nothing much had really changed inside of me either, no light bulb moment, no sudden change of tempo.


I felt that I had done something important. I had dealt with my feelings, not pushed them away, I had processed them.

As I ran towards my wonderful house, I felt much more rooted into the land and I noticed that the Lesser Celandines are blooming bright yellow, against the gloom.

That was not hope. No, it was the order of things. It is March and the Celandines bloom. Fact.

I would love to know if you have tried this way of using EFT Tapping and what happened.

With love


*If you want to know more about EFT Tapping and the way I teach it, please check out my website,  www.baya.ie


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