The New Bed


Hello you!

Its was a New Moon on Saturday so I thought I would tell you a story about new starts and old patterns. Just to show you that I am no way as sorted as I might think I am.

It is all about an old bed.

Well, actually, it is not an old bed. It was, once upon a time a NEW BED! Bought five years ago when we moved to Ireland. It was going to be the new bed for our Air B&B Adventure.


But that Adventure never actually took off so after a few guest we stopped.


I always HATED that Bed! It was unpleasant to look at, difficult to make, I had to bolt it together. It was too white, too low, absolutely wrong for the room.


But it was then, a New Bed and as such could not be disposed of. Such a terrible waste it would have been, It was not cheap you know.


And, in the fullness of time, it became my bed!


Yes, readers, I ended up sleeping in a bed that I hated with a passion and I also discovered that it creaked and squealed every time I moved (sorry Air b&b guests and assorted friends who stayed with us!).

And I stuck it out for THREE YEARS!


Yes, you read right, three years!


Until I decided to do some Dark of the Moon Clearing Work. The question was "What do you no longer need in your life?" Prepared for illuminating notions and mind blowing discoveries, I sat in meditation and the answer was swift....




So, wild with excitement, I bought myself a new bed that does not creak, looks really nice and simple and I love it!


The question remains... why did I wait THREE YEARS?


Do you have the equivalent of my bed in your life right now? Something you really do not enjoy, something uncomfortable but that you are reluctant to let go of because... I don't know... it is not old enough, it will do, it is ok really and you don't deserve better?


I would love to know...


With love






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