What are we today? I stare out of the window of my office at the grey sky and the eternal drizzle, I tell you what, we are not at the start of summer, nowhere near.

Here in Ireland the cold winds still blow and our kitchen garden lags behind previous years. I feel so sorry for my tiny baby courgettes!

And I know in other parts of the world the temperatures are already higher than last year and the droughts are getting worse.

It is all changing and I HATE CHANGE!

Which is kind of why I am writing to you!

In the past couple of weeks, I got really really cold trying to pretend it was summer! You see, at the end of May, I got all my winter clothes together, washed and dried them and then put them away and got the summer stuff out.

And wore it!

Because, you know, it's the end of May so it is summer, right?

So I got cold and grumpy and miserable.

By yesterday I had had enough of the cold and damp house so

I decided to get the winter clothes back out, put the furnace back on and


I now feel cheerful and positive again.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I wanted to share with you that no, we cannot change the weather or indeed the temperature BUT we can change the way we dress, the way we adapt to the weather or whatever life throws at us.

Summer will eventually turn up, I guess, but I am not wasting any more time being cold and miserable because it has not as yet!

Does this resonate?

All best




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