I don't know about you but I am finding it difficult to focus these days and to not get into a state of panic when the tiniest thing goes wrong

or not to randomly lose my temper at the slightest opportunity.

No, I do not think I am going mad, it is just that two years of endless stress have taken their toll.

I keep thinking that I should be feeling fine now that the Restrictions are over in Ireland


they might be over, but people are still getting sick and there are still masks everywhere and I am not relaxing at all.

Being me, I decided to look into it. I mean, what am I being anxious about? Seriously, living as I do in the middle of nowhere in Ireland, working on line as I am and being generally considerate and respectful of other people. Objectively, there are no reason for me to lose my temper or panic at the drop of a hat.

As I was researching the matter, I found out that, stress (which is a physical response) has many causes. The one we are all aware of is the fear of danger. The old Flight or Fight Response that we hear so much about.

However - insert drum roll please -

There is another cause of Stress and that is we get stressed when we cannot make sense of the world.

Sounds familiar?

So, for months now, our world, the one outside of us, has made very little sense as panics, restrictions, new variants, international events, arguments come and go. We are entirely baffled, get more and more exasperated and our brains are producing so much Cortisol on a daily basis that a lot of us find ourselves stressed out of our minds but not because we are frightened by some imminent disaster.

Because the world makes no sense anymore.

It does not surprise me that many people are polarizing the situation. The For against the... well, the Against. The Pro against the Con. And on it goes.

Is there an end to it?

Possibly not but there is a technique that has been proven, through clinical trials, to help regulating the production of Cortisol by our brain and thus help us regain some sense of perspective.

The name is EFT Tapping and I work one to one or in groups to help my clients manage their stress levels with ease. Here is the link to get in touch www./ 

With love



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