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Why a dog with a pacifier in its mouth I hear you wonder? Well, this blog is about self soothing and pacifier came to mind but I did not want the photo of a baby because that is not my point and I thought the dog one was cute.



So, I was thinking the other day of how I always have a mint tea and a square of chocolate at the end of the day when i sit down to watch some television. It all goes together. I am not hungry, I have just has supper. I want the mint tea because it helps me sleep better but...

the chocolate?

What is the point of the chocolate?

The chocolate soothes me. The chocolate signifies the end of the day. The chocolate allows me to relax and unwind. The chocolate helps me feel less tired or to celebrate my successes or cheers me up if my day was not so great.

Very powerful bit of chocolate!

Its only a bit of chocolate says a part of my brain.

For sure, but why is it so important then says another part?

So I use EFT to try to find out and realize that it is my pacifier, my dummy, my self-soothing mechanism.

I don't know about you but most of the time, if I need to soothe myself, relax myself, comfort myself, I still reach for food.

And why is that? Because the whole of the food industry keeps telling me that this is what food is for. Just look at television food advertisements. Most of the time, possibly all of the time, they involve food as a reward. It's Friday, you've had a tough week, have a pizza. The kids are being noisy, take them for a burger and they will calm down. And on and on and on.

But there are other ways to calm down, so soothe ourselves. Other ways that we need to remember, rediscover. Ways that do not involve food at every opportunity.

Do you want to know one of mine? I read really bad cosy murder mysteries... yes I know... now the whole world (well all of the lovely people who read my blog) knows that I do that and I love it. And it makes me relax and soothes me.

So what is yours? May be do some tapping and see what comes up. You know, "Even though, I cannot think of another way to comfort myself than eating (whatever it is that you eat then), I am curious to find out what else I could do instead."

Let me know how you get on!

Best love



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