Dear Reader,

After last Monday's ceremony and tapping session, something rather wonderful happened to me.

I had been listening to calming music in the morning, soothing type of stuff, I thought it was helping me feel more together and centered.

This morning, totally unexpectedly, I suddenly looked down my Spotify list and clicked on my favorite Scottish Band, Wolfstone and the sounds of the bagpipes filled my kitchen with joy. Wolfstone is Scottish Rock music and the next thing I knew, there I was dancing away!

I realized there and then that SCOTLAND IS BACK!

What are you talking about, I hear you ask, what do you mean Scotland is back? I had no idea that it had gone. Do you mean you are moving to Scotland now?


I mean Scotland is back! 

Let me explain. Some places are magic and lift your spirit. My happy soul's place is in Scotland, in the Highlands. I lived there once. I loved it but due to life and the universe conspiring against me, I have never been able to live there again. However, once upon a time when I needed re-sourcing, I would pop up there and feel revived.

But of course in the past two years.... blah blah blah.... 

It is not that I could not go there, you can go anywhere if you put your mind to it. It was more that Scotland, the spirit of the place, the spirit of belonging, had left me altogether. My dreams, my freedom live there and I was unable to access them, 

And somehow, during the past week of intensive tapping on the topic of lost parts of me or parts of me having been left frozen in March 2020 and getting them back, I found my connection to Scotland again.

This means my connection to Freedom, Dreams, and the Future, is restored! I feel so energized and I am delighted.

And another thing...

As I stepped out of my drive for my daily walk, I spotted a guy who was doing something to our broadband cable. Asked him what he was up to and with a BROAD SCOTTISH ACCENT he replied... he was on secondment to Ireland from Scotland! If that is not a sign that the stars are aligned, I don't know what is!

I wonder if you did try to do the tapping after my Monday Blog?

How did it work out?

Let me know

With love



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