Dear Reader,

This morning, as I took my dog for a walk, or maybe he took me for a walk, the jury is out on that one,

I got to thinking of my Monday feelings and how I had got myself into such a pit.

I wondered what had happened to me.

Suddenly, I realized!

I have been too much "of the World" since the end of February, this is what!

I have followed the News, read several newspapers, generally, alright obsessively, kept myself "informed".

Only, I did not, I got myself overwhelmed with stuff. I became entirely OF the World.

Which rendered me powerless. There is nothing I can really do to improve the situation in Europe. I felt disempowered.

So, I said loudly "time to get OFF the World". The dog is used to me talking aloud on our walk, so he did not mind.

Once upon a time, I had a conversation with this amazing woman called Vandana Shiva, she is a teacher, an environmental activist, a food sovereignty advocate, an ecofeminist, into seedbanks, also a farmer.

I asked her how she managed to not get overwhelmed with all the Global Warming dramas and Climate Catastrophy.

She looked at me, the way she does, like she looks into your soul, and said

"Mind your village, keep an eye on what is going on outside of it but MIND YOUR VILLAGE"

As I was going up that hill, I realized that I had stopped minding my Village altogether. I had been so focused on the drama unfolding outside of it, so taken over by the feelings of fear, panic, and consternation, that I stopped minding my people!

I went home and straight away, refocused on my tribe, my land, my animals, my plans for the coming season. Blocked all the News Services I had become addicted to and forgave my foolishness.

And it does not mean I no longer care, of course, I care, but in a different way. I am now back in MY World. It is altogether an easier place to be.

Are you minding your village? Or have you jumped into the drama and drowning in it.

If so, jump OFF the World right now!

You'll feel better, I promise and the situation outside of you will not change. It matters very little whether you are immersed in the drama or not. The World really does not care.

With love



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