Dear Reader,

I wonder how you are feeling right now?

I know I am a bit nosy but I thought I would ask. Because frankly things are really really weird, I fear.

Two years ago, our world ended as the Pandemic caused us to become prisoners in our own homes for months on end. No-one seems to be marking this moment.

I am not quite sure that my resilience to stress has recovered.

And now, what with the war in Europe...

Anxiety is everywhere.

Every single person I talk to, every single client, is telling me their feel anxious BUT

they are also telling me that their anxiety does not seem to come from within them. They feel like it is outside of them, like an invader trying to come in.

So I have devised an EFT Tapping Sequence for this very problem and I thought I would share it with you.

If you are feeling anxious but you have no objective reason to feel that way, ie. your life is ok, there is nothing particularly worrying going on, you are probably picking up generalised anxiety from outside of you.

So this is what I have been doing.

Find a quiet place to spend some time tapping and start by tapping the side of your hands saying

"Even though, there is all this anxiety swirling around me. I accept this is what is going on right now"

"Even though, this anxiety does not belong to me, I accept I am feeling anxious for no good reason right now"

"Even though, I might be feeling generalised anxiety right now, I accept this is what is going on".

And then, tapping on each point on your face say

I shall not feed you

You are not welcome here

There is nothing here for you

You are just coming through

I shall not entertain you

I will not offer you a bed

You are not welcome here

There is nothing here for you

Try it and see if it helps.

I would love to know if it does

With love




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