Traveling for the holidays?


Hello you, 

I see you, as the big day is approaching, you are tensing up, aren't you?

This year should be so much better, should it not? I mean, after last year. Remember 2020? Or would you rather not.

We had hoped 2021 would be the start of... well the start of a new start and then, it all went wrong and here we are again, Thanksgiving looms and you are feeling rubbish.

Are you feeling rubbish more than usual at the very thought of either traveling to visit family or having the meal at home and organizing it all? 

If you are, you are not the only one.

Travelling is so much more stressful than it ever was before. I am hoping (and the fact that I am typing hoping shows how weird the whole situation is), to fly to London in a week's time but then, will I? I mean, the time of the flight has already been changed three times. I kid you not, three times! I have no idea how my French passport will be viewed on the UK side now that Brexit has changed everything and I cannot work out if I will need a Covid test or not before I fly.

Just re-reading the previous paragraph makes me hyperventilate. 

I am so glad I know how to use EFT Tapping because I know to tap on the side of my hand and read it back to myself aloud. I know that this will cause my feelings of anxiety to subside and my brain will start finding a solution to my questions immediately.

Feeling rubbish is not a choice we consciously make. Feeling rubbish is feeling rubbish.

But STAYING feeling rubbish is a choice we make.

Pretending to feel fine whilst you are feeling rubbish is also a choice.

During the next few weeks, I am going to write a lot about choices.

Because, even though...

  • life is very difficult...
  • we maybe are not feeling very full of thanks...
  • we are feeling rubbish... and
  • we want to just eat ourselves out of all of this....

We could choose not to. And I'm so very thankful that I happen to know just how.

If you'd like to see me tap myself down from the stress of traveling next week, pop over to Instagram and watch a short reel where I tap on myself while I am in the moment of feeling overwhelmed and stressed about this trip!



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