Good news?


Dear Reader,

Have you been listening to the news, lately?

We should call them The Bad News because, lets face it, it all about whatever is wrong on this world and frankly, there is so much of it I want to hide under my bed most mornings!

In the olden days, at the end of the BBC News, there was always some silly item of Good News to somehow leave you with a bit of a smile. Some giraffe had given birth or someone had done something nice.

All gone now.

So, what to do?

I mean, what to do if things are going ok in our world? Our personal world?

What to do if the sun is actually shining, the sky is blue and the dog has managed to walk a couple of miles without stopping to sniff the ground every other minute?

Don't you dare mention such a thing!

That is boasting, that is!

and disrespectful!

Disrespectful of what? Of whom?

Of all the tragedies in the world!


Do you think we are that important that the people who are having a horrible time will be offended and upset if we are doing OK?


So, I have a suggestion!

Every day for the next week, every morning, write down some good news that have happened in your life. Like me and my dog this morning.

Does not have to be earth shattering,

Just something nice.

Keep the list somewhere and when you are feeling really bad, read it again to remind yourself.

I hope it helps.

With love






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