Dear Reader,

How is it going for you, this 2022?


How would you like it to go?


What do you mean you feel you have no control over the situation? Well, I beg to differ which is why I thought I would introduce you to my tried and tested hope creation technique,


Future Tapping.

It is kind of like Intention setting but with a twist.

Want to know more?

Read on.

Here is what you do:

First of all you write three short paragraphs about what your dreams are for the next 4 weeks. Short paragraphs because otherwise it becomes all consuming and boring and 4 weeks because it is much easier to set short term goals than long term ones these days. We never know when the newest disaster is going to strike so one month at a time sounds just about doable!


Once you have written those three short paragraphs, read them aloud. For each of your goals, give a number 1=I don't believe this is possible/doable 10=easy peasy.

If you only have 10s then, start again. We are not talking about realistic goals here, we are talking about DREAMS/HOPES/INTENTIONS.


When you have gathered three or four number 2/3, write down the sentences again but this time write them as follows:

"It is (date within 4 weeks - with name of the week) and I (your name) am..... [write everything down in the present as if it has already been achieved]. Then finish with "and I love and accept myself".


Then read it all aloud to see how it feels. Hopefully, exciting, daring, outrageous may be impossible but hopefully full of potential.


Then do this every morning before you get up, tapping on the side of your hand as you have learnt to do in EFT Tapping.


If you do this, which is what I call Future Tapping, it might help you feel more hopeful and focused on what YOU can do about your life!


Let me know how you get on.


With love






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