Face to Face


Why a photo of camels, I hear you cry!

Well, because I thought it was funny.

What was not so funny, as in funny ha ha, was seeing my first client in my rooms since March 2020.

In Person, we call it now, or Live.

As if somehow in the past two years we had died or depersonalised.

And maybe we did, just a little bit.

Still, I do not like thinking somehow that all my online work with my wonderful clients was somehow dead!


I started pondering what to call this return to a physical encounter with a client.

I remembered that, when I worked in the NHS, we used to call it Face to Face which feels quite nice and completely unrelated to the past two years.

So I decided to adopt it.

But, it is not at all the right term.

Because, though the lenses of our computers, it is the only thing we have been for the past two years, face to face in that weird blue light of the screen.

And to be honest, my face is really really tired to try to convey everything that I feel or want to explain, all on its own, without any contributions from the rest of my body.

I know, I wave my arms about but you probably cannot see them really.

So what was completely amazing, on that morning when a person came and we sat and talked

was how our bodies interacted!

I am telling you, in spite of all the research saying that Clinical EFT Tapping has the same results whether it is on line or in person,

I LOVED involving my whole body in the experience.


It was absolutely lovely to have another whole body in the room with me (the dog also insisted he wanted to be part of the meeting, so his body slept on the sofa too).

I am aware this may seem bizarre but think about it! Our bodies express so much and may be we need to remember that. The wearing of masks has deprived us of 2/3 of our faces too but that is a topic for another day.

For now, I am celebrating my body! And all your bodies too!

In case you fancy a couple of sessions with me, I have space for two new clients at the moment. I only work with a very limited number of people so if you feel called, do get in touch. Anxiety, stress, life questions, curiosity, wonderings, searching for happiness? Here is the link. www./baya.ie/work-with-me 

With love



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