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We have had four weeks about Food Cravings and by now, I am sure you have got the message! I am re-running Body Magic starting at the end of May and if you want to sign up here is the link www.baya.ie/BodyMagic

But this is not what I want to talk about this morning. This morning, I want to tell you about an Experiment I am involved in.

A really good friend of mine has started this 30 Days Experiment on Facebook. It is a group and we started last week. You just sign up and say what it is you are going to experiment with for 30 days. Some people are drinking water, some other posting pictures and photos, others are drawing and I am writing.

Every day, you post a little note to say how you are getting on.

After a week, I have realised two things

1. The experiment is all about not being rigid and I am so very rigid in my life with schedules, obligations and plans of how to do things right! No, the experiment is to intend to do something every day and then observe if it happens and how it happens. So with the writing, well some days I write more than others. Some days I research about the writing and other days I might go to a writers group and get a critique of my work. All writing but in different ways. See what I mean?

2. What would my life be like if I thought of it more as an experiment? Experiments are not set in stone, experiments can fail! That is why they are experiments. Some work, some don't!

Imagine a life that would be lived in that way. Trying things with gusto, with the best of our abilities and accepting that sometime things work out and others... well, they don't.

Also, this group is turning into a great little community. No one is trying to sell anyone anything. It is purely for fun! A life where things would be done purely for fun?

May be you are tempted to start you own experiment?

Let's share what it might be!

With love and curiosity





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