Dear Reader,

What with all the anxiety floating around. Whether you are off the World or of the World (I hope you read my previous blog on the topic - if not, go and find it!). It has not been that easy to sleep.

The going to sleep part for me is simple, I just do. It is the waking up at some ridiculous hour and starting to mull things over that I do not like very much.

Anyway, this did not happen last night but I had a dream instead. It is not often that I remember my dreams so this must be important, I thought.

Here it is

So, I am in my lovely house, my actual house, in my safe bedroom when I suddenly realize that there is a door in one of the walls. A door that leads outside. A door that is wide open and has no lock on it.

Frantic, I try to find the key, but there is no key.

In fact, the enemy is coming. I thought I was safe in my house but there is this door. A door I have not been aware that has been there all along! And opened. Anyone can come in!

When I woke up, the dream had fled  and got on with my life.

But during the daily dog/Baya walk, as I was tapping away, feeling a bit anxious for absolutely no reason, I remembered it.

Because I trained as a psychotherapist, I am all knowledgeable about dreams and their meaning, well, perhaps. In Jungian terms, a house symbolizes the self and if you do find an opened door in your house, well, that means there is an open door somewhere in your psyche.

Not surprising there was some weird vague anxiety about.

Using EFT, I asked myself what I was to do about that door. Could I find a key to it, perhaps. Hidden somewhere?

The answer was no.

What, leave the door as it is?

Still no.

What then? "Even though I have no idea what to do about that door, I accept this is where I am at right now and I am opened to suggestions and ideas"

So it came to me.

I needed to take the door out altogether and rebuild the wall without the door.

Then I would feel contained and safe.


It reminded me of the spell the Witches of England chanted on the beaches of Kent in 1939, to protect the land from possible invasion. It is said it went like this:

"You cannot come

The way is blocked

You cannot come

There is nothing here for you".


I have written this spell on the new wall in my dream bedroom and as I was doing this, in a meditation, I could feel the anxiety draining from me.

It is a very good spell to use if one is feeling out of sorts or threatened in any way.


Try it!

Let me know how it goes.


With love






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