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A bit more on Food addiction and cravings. It is a terrible thing that people who are addicted to food, like I am, do not get a look in really.

We are told to pull ourselves together, to use our willpower. We are told that we are just lazy and to make an effort.

It is all our fault, somehow.

There is no help out there apart from diets and deprivation.

The problem with all of that is that will power does not work, never has and never will.

Do you know why?

Because research now show that willpower alone will not help. It is quite a fragile thing and extremely prone to stress!

So the more stressed you get whilst you are trying to gather your willpower, shouting at yourself all the while about how pathetic you are (which by the way is not the case at all),

The more your Cortysol levels rise (that is the stress hormone), which means your metabolism slows down, and your stress levels and anxiety rise

and what do you do when you are stressed or anxious


You eat!

I chose the image of the lovely sweet potatoes to illustrate my point because, you know, sweet potatoes are better for you than potato chips, yes?


Not if you are eating them because you are trying to soothe your feelings of inadequacy and stress.

Not if you are eating mindlessly

Not if you are eating because it stops you from feeling!

It could be steamed broccoli for all I care, if you are eating mindlessly, it does not matter what you eat,

Not really!

You are still eating for the wrong reasons...

So the question to ask yourself is not "Should I eat this food or should I use my will power and not eat it?"

it is

"What am I feeling right now? Do I need this food because I am hungry or do I need to push my feelings down?"

If you are using the food to push your feelings down, then, please try tapping on this (review Part 3 if you want the tapping sequence).


Let me know how you get on!


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We will cover all of the above in much more details and because of the way I work (with small groups) you will get a lot of chances to do some one to one exploration with me.

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