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How are you finding the series of blog posts of Food Cravings?

Did I tell you that it is because I knew about the feelings that made me overeat that I started following my own Body Magic Program again in March 2020?

As the world was locking itself up and people were terrified of all sorts of horrible things happening to their families, I thought to myself.

What do I do when I feel anxious/sad/angry?


I eat too much!

Do I want to put on weight again? NO!

So, I started using EFT Tapping again.


And this is how I still teach it:

If you can catch yourself BEFORE you start eating, ask yourself "What am I feeling right now". It does not have to be a word. It could be a color. As in "I am feeling blue".

Then ask yourself. How much am I feeling this? One a rate of 1 to 10 (1 not very much - 10 very much indeed), how much am I feeling blue?

Lets say it's an 8.

So you tap on the side of your hand and say "Even though I am feeling blue at an 8 and I very much want to eat this feeling away, I accept this is where I am at right now".

Then using the tapping points on your face, you tap repeating the number 8 to yourself. At the end of the round of EFT Tapping, ask yourself how strong the feeling is right now.

The number might have gone up or down. For the sake of optimism, lets say it has gone down. So you are feeling less blue. Tap on the points on your face saying to yourself "Even though I am feeling less blue, I accept this is where I am at right now".

Do this until your number has reduced to a 2 or a 3.

Then think about eating again... do you still need to?

Try it! I would love to know how it worked for you!

More next week!

Meanwhile, have you checked out the Body Magic program on my website? We start again in May and we would love to have you there.

We will cover all of the above in much more details and because of the way I work (with small groups) you will get a lot of chances to do some one to one exploration with me.

Here are the details again:

With love



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