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I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of Crush your Cravings!

My craving is Cheese, preferably French with may be some sourdough bread! I could eat tons of the stuff if I am upset about something. During my work with EFT Tapping and Cravings, I realized something important. I eat too much of the craved food when I feel out of sorts.


So today, we are going to look at feelings.


Brene Brown will disagree with me but for the sake of simplicity (this is only a one page blog), there are four main emotions.







So today, I would like you to look at those four emotions and work out the following:


One a rate of 1 to 10 (1 being easy peasy and 10 not at all)

How comfortable are you with those four feelings.


My most uncomfortable one is Sadness. It is not an emotion my family of origin was very good at expressing and I did not get to learn how to "do it" when I was a child.


Now, the next time you find yourself craving some food, I would encourage you to think to yourself BEFORE you reach for the cheese (in my case) "what am I feeling right now? Happiness, Sadness, Anger or Fear?"


Next week, I will tell you what to do next.


Meanwhile, have you checked out the Body Magic program on my website? We start again in May and we would love to have you there.


We will cover all of the above in much more details and because of the way I work (with small groups) you will get a lot of chances to do some one to one exploration with me.


Here are the details again


With love






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