Beppy Zoozoo


Hello you!

I hope the end of the summer is treating you well. There is a serious nip in the air in Ireland and the blackberries are plentiful. Time to get my jelly making equipment out!

But before I do that, I wanted to carry on talking about names. It has been a long saga and this may or may not be the last of my blogs on the topic, who know what will be revealed next? At the grand old age of 66, I still marvel at the way things unravel, how magic happens in my life and how, again and again, I somehow manage to progress!

So, Beppy Zoozoo... I am not quite sure how to spell her name but I know she is around three years old and she cannot say her name yet so she says Beppy Zoozoo when asked. Her name is Beatrice Rouzoul.

Beppy (also known as Bettie by the grown ups around her) has no doubt as to her abilities. Her little brother is still on the horizon, she is perfectly clear that she owns the world and, as she sails a huge sailing boat, her hand firmly on the tiller (with her dad behind her discreetly holding it to help), she know, absolutely knows, that her life is going to be wonderful.


But, one day, Beppy learns how to say her name properly and then, well, stuff happens to her. No actually to her, but around her and then... well she goes and loses herself into the past. She becomes a vague shape somewhere. Sometimes, she is shown a photograph of who she was but she does not remember, not really. It could be any little girl.


Eventually, she goes to therapy and does all the repair work, all the soul retrievals and all the gathering of the bits and pieces of her dislocated self BUT, she and her therapist/healer do not go far back enough.


This is what I have discovered lately.


Yes, it is very important to retrieve our fragments, our soul parts that left our systems when we were exposed to trauma in the past. Yes, it is vital to bring these soul parts home and this is what I do for my clients.



There is another retrieval that needs to happen.


The retrieval of the soul part, the self that existed


the trauma or life happened.


Think about it! So much potential there for amazing healing!


So I decided to test that theory on myself and using the EFT tapping, I started navigating the unchartered territory of my life BEFORE bad stuff happened.


sure enough,

I found her,


Beppy Zoozoo, sailing her boat, with her papa safely holding her between his legs (no safety gear in those days). She is so sure of herself, she feels so safe! She has no doubts whatsoever and does not worry about the future or indeed the past. She just sails that boat. Perfect moment!

I went to visit her. She did not want to come here in this timeline but she agreed to teach me how! How to sail my boat in that way, how to remember living for the day, sure that this is it. Laughing all the way!

Do you have a Beppy Zoozoo? I hope you do. In fact, I am sure you do. We all have one. We probably have several.

If you would like to explore this further, do give send me an email and we can chat.

Much love

Baya Rouzoul


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