Hello you,

Are you having  a good Bank Holiday weekend? Did you demonstrate in the streets of Paris, France yesterday? Or did you jump the fires in the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland?

 Whether you are wanting to remember the struggles of the working class or handing out lucky lily of the valley to your nearest and dearest, it is a big celebration.

The Celts call it Beltaine or Beltain or possibly Beltane, the Celts can never agree about anything really! It is the festival of love named after the Celtic god of light Bell.

People used to light huge fires on the hills and dance around them. Then couples would form and discreetly leave the dancing for a while. Many babies were born nine months later.

It is the great marriage between the Goddess of the Land and the Sun God. It is the beginning of Summer. I know it is confusing but in the Celtic world there used to be only two seasons really. Winter and Summer. Winter started at Samhain and Summer at Beltane.

The bit about dancing round fires and going off to have fun in the bushes always baffles me since the weather is usually damp and cold at this time of year in Ireland. Yesterday was no exception.

I got to remembering how in past years, I used to hold big parties, we used to jump the fires, have a maypole, dress up and be merry. The children would riot and we would celebrate in style.

Life and stuff happened and the parties and ceremonies got smaller and smaller and now... well there is only me. myself, on my own. The Edge Witch.

Will I give up? Absolutely not!

Will I tie my wishing ribbons on the rowan who protects my land, absolutely.

Will I resolve to love myself better this year and have a summer of fun and frolics? Totally.

So this is to say to all of you. If you find yourself alone for one reason or another and feel you cannot celebrate these big festivals of crowds gathering, don't despair. Call yourself a Edge Witch and do it on you own. 

It is still lots of fun

and remember

You are the best companion you will ever have!

Now, go and dance!








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