Last Saturday, as I prepared to leave the house to go for a coffee with my love, I went through the check list. Mobile, for the vaccine certificate, Proof of identity to be allowed into a cafe, desinfectant for hands, mask for face, credit card.

and then

I stopped.

Because, you see, last Friday night, the Irish Government did it! Do you remember what I wrote in the previous post?

"I got to thinking, as I was pondering this story, that may be, if by some miracle of bravery or foolishness the Irish Government was to announce that I could make my mind up about what was safe or not, I would panic too."

Well, it happened! All the restrictions were lifted (apart from the masks) so I actually left the house with my bit of fabric for my face and my credit card in my back pocket.


as a bird

on the wing!

After two long years...

And no, dear reader, worry not, I did not panic!

Not at all, in fact, I danced my way to town and I am dancing still.

What surprised me though is which one of the restrictions had paralyzed me most.

I thought it would be the masks but no, it was the hideous "social distancing".

It is hard to believe for most other countries in the world, but in Ireland, for the past two years (I keep saying this but the length of time seems so unreasonable now), we have been forced to leave a gap of 2 meters between us and anyone else. Huge arrows on the floor everywhere to tell you where to stand in shops and queues, a lot of dancing around people in the streets, instructions to not use the pavements sometimes as too narrow. Of course, no touching, no hugging, no shaking hands, no physical contact whatsoever.

And now, it's gone!

My brain, suddenly released from the pressure, is bounding around like a young spring lamb!

I have even started reading a proper serious book, a history of the Middle Ages AND I can concentrate on it for minutes at a time!


So this bird will not remain in her cage and will fly, folding her wings around anyone who needs a bit of cheer for however long this marvelous respite lasts!


With love



PS. If you would like to plan your exit from the cage or any other project and would like to work with me, please get in touch at




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Debbie Trupp

Baya I’m so glad that you are free again. I can’t imagine having gone that long with those restrictions. Enjoy your freedom and fly high!!!

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