The LUXE Way


i have a story for you today, yes, another one!

I hope you enjoy it, it is a really good one, full of dramas and reveals.

Once upon a time,

There was a storyteller. She was extremely successful, very much in demand. She had a diary full of exciting dates, European festivals, Irish events and maybe even, work in the USA. She loved her work and all her costumes. She was happy as Larry (whoever Larry was).

And then

Dark clouds massed on the horizon. The Nasty Pandemic Fairy waved her ebony wand and cast a mighty sleeping spell.

On the 10th March 2020, the storyteller lost every single gig she had been booked for. She watched incredulously as email after email landed in her inbox. All canceled.

Our storyteller was very lucky in some ways as she lived in a country with a kind government that paid people like her NOT to work. She got given the Pandemic Payment. Welfare, her? For the first time in her life? However grateful she was, it did not feel right.

Fast forward to January 2021

When a Canadian FairyGodmother appeared, once again, in her in-box.

She was offering a magical spell. A magical spell that might undo all the harm of the past year.

It was called THE LUXE Programme. 

Our storyteller was given three months to learn the spell. Her aim was to be off Welfare by May 2021.

On April the 4th 2021, on her birthday, she launched her first online Programme.

It was called BodyMagic. Through the spell work, and some serious talking to by her Canadian Fairy Godmother,  she had realized that yes, indeed, her losing 100 pounds in weight using EFT Tapping was worth sharing with the world. Worth teaching to the world, in fact.

Body Magic - the Basics sold out three times in 2021 the follow up program,  Body Magic - The Expanse is still running, nearly a year later.

And yes, our Storyteller did get off Welfare in May 2021.


Has just paid her tax bill.

Yes! She was so delighted to have made enough money with her programs that she had to pay tax

She got all the money she had invested back AND made a living!

If you would like to know more about the Canadian Fairy Godmother, also known as Chantelle Adams and her magical program, click on the link below

And get to live a LUXE Fairytale!

With love



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