The Crone


When I turned 50, dear Readers, my friends in the Goddess world told me that I was at the time of The Crone.

I remember my horror!

Me, a Crone? I was not ready for this, no siree, not me, absolutely not!


In the Celtic tradition, there are three ages to women.

The Maiden (or young girl)

The Mother (pretty obvious category but leaves out all the women who for some reason do not have children)

The Crone (post menaupose)

That's it. These categories, I rather suspect, were invented by men but maybe they were always there.

Of course, they leave out a whole lot of other options which infuriates me.


But back to me, aged 50!

At the time, the very idea of being a Crone felt all wrong. I was not ready to hang up my red shoes, I had plenty of adventures left in me, many career changes, and any number of other things I wanted to achieve. My son had just left for university, I was at last free to be me,  if I could remember who that was!

It seemed to me, at the time, and it still does, that there is at least one age to women that has been missed out.

To go from being The Mother (if that is even ok) to being The Crone with no chance to be anything else felt extremely mean to me!

Then, I remembered all the women in the Arthurian Sagas, Morgan Le Fay, Morgause, Vivianne, all these women who are older, have had their children and are having a great time with their lovers, their adventures, and their freedom.


These women are usually nasty, unpleasant, witches, generally manipulative. Again, that does not seem very fair.


So, I claimed the Stage of The Enchantress.

The Enchantress is the woman who has brought up her children/created the job and life that she wants for her middle years

and now finds herself financially stable and free of most ties.

She is aged between around 50 and 65 and it is HER TIME!


For years now, dear readers, I have been wanting to launch this online course/retreat program called The Path of The Enchantress and I still have not. It is all here, in my head but I have been waiting to become the Enchantress.

I was tapping on this the other day and realized that I HAVE been the Enchantress for the past 15 years. I have had a ball, retrained several times, ran a goats farm, moved to Ireland, became a Story Teller and any number of other things. 

and now

It is my time to welcome the Crone!

I turn 66 years in April and I am ready to embrace the disgraceful Crone aspect of my life. I am ready to learn to laze about, do only what I want to do, put my lipstick on crooked AND teach you how to become an Enchantress.

It is not The Enchantress I have been looking for within myself, I have been her since my early 50s, it was the Crone. Because only The Crone can teach The Echantress.

So today, as I am telling you about my Path of The Enchantress, I am also claiming the mantle of The Crone, the Wise Teacher, the woman in the last phase of her life, who has nothing left to prove to anyone, who is (still working on this but in hope) free of judgment and struggles.

if you fancy finding out more about Enchantresses or/and Crones, do get in touch and we can have a chat. 

The Program is not ready yet but it will be coming in April.

Here is the link


With Love



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