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I'm so very happy you're here! 

I'm Baya, Shamanic Healer and EFT Tapping Specialist.

My greatest passion in this lifetime is to help you feel whole again. 

Working with Baya has been utterly transformational. After an extremely traumatic time in my life where I lost myself, my strength, my inner power and my ability to be myself, I worked with Baya to help me regain my sense of direction and help me move forward.

During a rather intense session, where I felt held and supported and safe, I discovered that a younger version of myself had become so traumatized that this part of myself refused to be in my life or take part of being in my soul. Baya and I went and found her and she is now re-integrated within me. It was such a powerful session that I’ve never had to repeat because all of the work that I have done with Baya, sticks.

Reflecting with her how far I’ve come since that first session and not only has my life become full and expansive and joyful again, I feel more me than I’ve ever felt in my life.

I highly recommend working with Baya, as she is not only a very gifted healer, she has such a vast knowledge and experience as a trauma therapist. I am forever changed for having worked with Baya. - Lora Frost


I'm Baya and training for this work is my life's purpose.

I studied directly with Gary Craig, the guy who created EFT Tapping.

I originally trained as an Integrative Arts Therapist at The Institute for Arts in London (UK) and worked for the British NHS in the field of Mental Health for many years.

I was trained as a shamanic healer by international teacher Caitlin Matthews and am on her list of approved teachers.

I healed my own body shaming and weight issues using all of the techniques I'm going to teach you. 


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