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Learn how to conquer your cravings, drop the excess baggage and bring more peace to your life with EFT Tapping

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Conquer Your Cravings
Lose Weight
Bring More Peace to your Life

Are you carrying around years of unresolved trauma?

You've LIVED. You have lived life, with all of it's ups and downs and now you look in the mirror and hardly recognize the body staring back at you. You don't FEEL the way you look in that mirror... but you're frustrated this is what's staring back at you. Raise your hand if you're currently feeling any of these:

  • You don't recognize the woman staring back at you
  • You don't fit into all the sexy clothes you used to wear
  • You fear you're not as desirable as you once were
  • You desperately want to have energy for the things you love[d] to do
  • You change your clothes in secret, hoping no one else will see your naked body
  • You've tried before and it's failed so you've lost the motivation to try again

EFT Tapping can help!

I know all of this because I was you once. I felt, saw and thought all of the things above. And then I learned about EFT Tapping and tried it for my cravings. And guess what?! IT WORKED! I've lost and kept off over 100 pounds since I started Tapping and I want to help you do the same!

Quit Endlessly Snacking

Finding yourself meandering to the fridge in the middle of the day? We're gonna quit that habit!

Feel Sexy Again!

Get back into those clothes that make you feel like a million bucks! 

Get Back to YOU!

Remember that old you that loved to paint? Or likes to sing and dance? We're going to pull her back out so you can leave feeling more YOU again!

I'm not just any Tapping Specialist...

I'm Baya and training for this work is my life's purpose.

I studied directly with Gary Craig, the guy who created EFT Tapping.

I originally trained as an Integrative Arts Therapist at The Institute for Arts in London (UK) and worked for the British NHS in the field of Mental Health for many years.

I was trained as a shamanic healer by international teacher Caitlin Matthews and am on her list of approved teachers.

I healed my own body shaming and weight issues using all of the techniques I'm going to teach you. 

Baya Salmon-Hawk trained as an integrative Arts Therapist at the Institute for Arts and Education in London. She was also trained in Celtic Shamanic Practices by renowned writer and Celtic Shamanic Teacher Caitlin Matthews.


She started to train in EFT Tapping and Energy Psychology in 2001 and has completed trainings with the ACEP, the AMT, the AMET and has worked with most of the outstanding names in Energy Psychology. 


She worked for the NHS in the field of Mental Health, ran the In-patients Therapy Programme at the Lister Hospital ,Stevenage and taught Mental Health Skills to nurses and social workers at the University of Hertfordshire.

She left the NHS to set up in private practice and discovered Energy Psychology and EFT Tapping. She now specializes in the treatment of eating difficulties, body dysmorphia and anxiety disorders using her very own mixture of EFT Tapping and Shamanic Healing.

She offers basic EFT Tapping training with her sold-out 5 weeks program delivered online Body Magic  and advanced training with her online program Body Magic The Expanse.


She also offers one to one sessions.


"You are an amazing inspiration. You are so good at helping all of us, and it is so helpful to see that you also go through the same things we do and practice what you preach. Thank you" 

Founding Member of Body Magic - The Basics

"My friend and mentor Baya Salmon-Hawk has the alternative to coping with uncomfortable emotions using food. She also has a beautiful way with words, both spoken and written, and I always find myself eager for more. Luckily she has an amazing program,Body Magic, that I am a part of and so I get the joy of listening and learning from her every week. To articulate the depth of what she has to offer is hard for me but if I were to choose one word to describe her and working with her it would be MAGIC! She and the group she has brought together has been my port in this never ending storm. Your life will be blessed beyond belief when she becomes part of it. 🦋"


The Course

Body Magic - Here's How it Works:


Invitations to join your close knit community will be sent as soon as you sign up for the program


The course is delivered online via live Zoom meetings. A link is posted every week on the Facebook Group

Week One

The History of EFT Tapping

  • How and where to tap
  • The points and how to create a tapping sequence with the right words

Week Two

Emotional Eating

What it is + introduction to how to deal with emotions without using food as a substitute

Week Three


How to deal with cravings using EFT tapping

Week Four

Cravings Continued

  • Links with Emotional Eating
  • Emotional Deficit and How to deal with it using EFT tapping

Week Five


Introduction to Patricia Carrington's Choice Method Revision and summary of the course

Programme Pricing

Body Magic, The Basics

$250 till January 9th


Next round starts 19 Jan 2022
at 11am EST!

This will likely be the LAST time this programme is run LIVE, with me teaching it to you from the other side of the screen, for you to ask questions and get my direct input in real time. Future iterations of this program will live online, as a hosted self-paced program. So if you'd like to be part of one of the last LIVE iterations of Body Magic, NOW is the time to jump in!

If you're fed up with that pesky body looking you back in the mirror, I'm here for you!

Let's tap you into a new body this New Year with Body Magic, Shamanic EFT for weight loss