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Red Alert...Red Alert...

So here I am, all stocked up, soup cooked, chicken mash for tomorrow and Saturday cooked, wood, coal and turf in, electronic devices charged. I wait. I have been told we are all doomed, I am alone in my house with Milou the dog and I wonder.

If I did not know the Beast was coming, I would think it was a bit nippy out there, for sure there are some snow flurry but that blizzard has not appeared yet. They have given it a name, a woman's name, kind of friendlier? Her name is Emma and she is a female blizzard.

I would rather she was a female wizard, an enchantress. An Enchantress of New Ross.

One of those Irish women warriors who fought for the freedom of the town on so many occasions. I wonder if they knew that the Beast was coming and how they felt about it.

Whilst researching my storytelling session on International Women's Day at the Kennedy Boutique Hotel, I have been amazed by the number of times the women of New Ross went up to the Town Walls, the Town Gates and fought against the invader. From Aoife, Red Eva in the 1180, to Mary Doyle in 1798 via the defence of the Maidens Gate in 1265, those women were amazing!

So, I hope I can be as brave as they were as I face the the way, she was supposed to arrive at 4pm prompt...she is twenty minutes late!

Keep warm

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