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My most excellent Marketing Mentor says "BLOG" is simply not good enough for a blog title. She is one of those really direct people who don't mince words. That's why we get on so well.

Her horror got me to thinking about what to call the unmentionable (shh I mean, the b****g). My business is stories so what about the story structure, from the script writing courses? I know quite a bit about that, having spent my middle years with a budding screen writer.

This is my story. Yep. Where am I in that story. The Third act. No doubt about that. And what do I write about? Inciting Incidents.

Stuff that makes me think, stuff that changes stuff, stuff that I want to share, incidental stuff that could may be make a difference to someone's life.

Hence the new blog title.

I hope you like it. Let me know if you do. Let me know if you don't. I like to know my readers' opinions.

She also said something about what was it again...something about adding tags at the end of the website but I think that might be for another night.


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