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The Fires of Beltane

When a fact becomes a story

On Monday, I have a meeting with my lovely PA. We decide to change tack. Sure, we shall keep the storytelling but we are going all out on public speaking training. I am to start a new website, we need more serious content. Exciting stuff! Very professional, I am thinking. To be honest, may be more money?

Then, that very evening, I go to a Beltane Fire.

What on earth is a Beltane Fire, I hear you cry. Well, it is an old Celtic tradition. You get together with like minded friends. Start a fire. Then you look back at the last six months, since Samhain, take stock. After that, you let go of what you no longer need, celebrate what you have and set your aims for the next six months. At the end, you jump over the fire to seal the deal.

I picked up a random stick to throw into the fire as a symbol of what I wanted to let go of. When I looked at it closely it looked like this

A clear fork in the road, a choice to make. May be it was time to stop edging my bets. Choose the road that lifted my heart. May be not keep looking at the financial angle so much. So, as I stood deep in contemplation, I asked myself. What makes my heart sing? The answer was immediate and very clear.



I threw the stick in the fire. It burnt bright and with it burnt all my doubts.

I am Baya The Storyteller, I affirmed as I jumped over the (now much diminished) fire!

And the next day, this happened

Baya The Storyteller got short listed for Network Ireland National Business Awards 2018 - Category Art.

When I get my technology sorted, I'll post the picture!

What a story!

I am thrilled to bits and firmly staying on the straight and narrow from now on!

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