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Prepping for an event

I love that bit nearly as much as the event itself

So, I have several events in the creating at the moment. I thought you might enjoy, dear reader, listener, browser, a post on how I get my stories.

When the lovely Emma at Kennedy Boutique Hotel in New Ross said she wanted to organise an event for International Women's Day, I immediately thought about Famous Women of New Ross. I kind of knew about two but was confident I would find more.

Because you see, the chase is on and the hunt has brought in quite a few treasures.

An appeal on Facebook and the wonderful New Ross Street Focus people came up with some names, then I started googling, researching, found rare books on Google with biographies, went to visit with the ladies of the New Ross Tapestry who know so much about the early medieval period and generally asked, ferreted and got excited!

Now, I have five women I can tell stories about, I think that will do!

So that you know, I always research the historical facts and my stories are based on event that actually happened.

Finally, one of my famous women, in fact two of them, spoke fluent French and Latin but not English!

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